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These readings about plants have been selected and modified from a textbook no longer in print that the present author wrote for an introductory course for non-botany majors ("The World of Plants") at Ohio University during the late 1980s and 1990s. The readings on this site were not intended to be a complete reference for introductory botany. They were intended to introduce the novice to the world of plants. For those who would like more detailed information about the plant kingdom, there are many excellent text books and web pages that are designed for specific topics about plants.

There are several topics on this site that require additional work, especially the images. As improved images are made available the pages will be updated. Please note that the photographs of plants used on this site were taken by the author with a digital camera, in the majority of cases in his back yard. The idea was to use plants that are commonly seen by the average person (e.g., a retired person working in his garden) instead of using some obscure plant from a remote part of the earth. Images have been edited with GIMP.

If you would like to have one of the chapters as a PDF for your hand-held device, links and QR codes may be found on this page.

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